YMCA building bridges

Supporting Front Liners

People working with trauma survivors and vulnerable individuals experience a high level of stress. 

This is the residue of the exposure that they have from hearing people’s disturbing stories and witnessing the pain, fear, and rough and risky life they endure daily. This fatigue affects the performance and ability of front liners performance and ability to achieve their responsibilities. Yet, it is not only a matter of performance and work efficiency, it is a matter of ethics and values.

In collaboration with YMCA of Finland and the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, YMCA of Lebanon is implementing a program that aims at building bridges between Syrian Refugees and local hosting communities through economic empowerment and cross-cultural community involvement. In addition, the YMCA of Lebanon is developing the skills of youth volunteers on increasing their impact on social stability through active engagement actions, using sports and psychosocial support for children and youth. Therefore, the designed workshop is part of developing skills in response to the needs of Lebanese and Syrian front liners working with individuals in distress and in fragile environment.

This workshop offers front liners an opportunity to increase their self-awareness, assess and evaluate their own wellbeing, discover their own support system and develop better skills to support themselves and other team members.

    It is an opportunity as well, for participants from both countries to exchange their experiences, increase their learning abilities. In addition, the workshop sessions are designed in a way to give participants the chance to “bounce back” through recreational activities, self-reflections, and exchanging lessons learned.