Medical Program

Field Visits

In order to keep the program running effectively, every one of the 440 centers are visited at least two times per year.  If we see that there are any issues, we add extra field visits to that site.  We do this because we don’t just want the medical centers just to act like distribution centers, we want to make sure they are offering the services their patients need.

In a field visit we inspect the center to make sure it is clean and well kept, and that the medication is being treated well and stored correctly.   We speak to the patients in the waiting room and ask if they are happy with the services provided, and if they get everything they need when they come, to ensure that the patients are receiving proper care.  Our inspectors meet with the head of the center to go over the medical files and ensure medicine is being given out correctly.  Finally, our program makes home visits to check with patients that they are getting accurate prescriptions & are happy with our services.  All of these practices are part of our regulation of the centers and ensuring proper form in distribution.