Medical Program

The Chronic Medication program has been serving chronically ill patients in Lebanon since 1988. In 1993, it became a joint program between the ministry of public health MOPH and YMCA Lebanon. The program aims to provide those in need with 60 different medications free of charge through a network of 445 primary healthcare centers and dispensaries distributed all over the country.  Around 200.000 Lebanese citizens, and around 15,000 Syrian refugees are currently registered in the program. Our beneficiaries also receive access to full medical services provided by physicians, nurses, and health workers through these facilities.

The medical assistance program includes training, awareness sessions, and prevention programs on health-related topics such as the rational use of medicine, stock management, substance abuse, communicable, and non-communicable diseases.  The program is mainly funded by the Ministry of Public Health, and in recent years it received financial support from several organizations such as WHO, EU and OCHA in part to expand coverage to Syrian refugees.  We also regularly receive in-kind donations through a partnership with Anera.


The medications we offer are based on the WHO essential drug list, which is updated regularly to incorporate the changing medical field. The list covers the following types of care:


-        Cardiovascular, Hypertension & Blood circulation

-        Neurological agents

-        Retinopathy

-        Diuretics

-        Antidiabetics

-        Antipsychotics

-        Respiratory tract

-        Hyperlipidemia

-        Musculoskeletal agents

-        Anti-Ulcer

-        Thyroid problems

-        Ocular hypertension

-        Osteoporosis