Youth Program

Community Service

The YMCA Youth Program is dedicated to giving back to local communities across Lebanon. Each year we ask municipalities in rural areas what we can do to help to improve the community, whether it be planting trees, building sidewalks, or painting buildings; we’ve even built risers for football games!  In the past, we have partnered with the Ministry of Social Affairs in helping a community.


For our community service trips, we invite 35-45 youth from across Lebanon to come visit and help to improve a municipality in another region.  We then ask the municipality to involve 20-25 youth from their own community as well.  The service trips therefore have multiple benefits to all involved and are conducted in the spirit of the YMCA.  We run at least 2 service trips per year.  The Youth Department strives to bring together a diverse group of youths from across the country, all with different backgrounds and beliefs, to work together in improving a local community. With this group, we also do team building activities and conflict resolution training.  Through these trips, we empower youth to get to know Lebanon better, to meet others from different religions, areas, and cultures, and to get more involved in giving back to the community.




If you are interested in joining a community service trip, please check our “News Page” for information on upcoming events, or call the Youth Department at  (+961) 03-19-86-15.